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The Marble Story

Our clients learn new skills and crafts everyday, such as knitting, sewing and making jewelry. The necklaces are made of perfectly normal marbles that we intentionally crack to make them as uniquely beautiful as every one of our clients. Unfortunately, "Cracked Marble Necklace" doesn't sound very appealing as a pretty piece of jewelry. We needed a new name and so I looked for "cracked" in the thesaurus. The word choices? 

Impaired...broken...damaged...crazed...fractured...imperfect...ruined...and defective.

With tears in my eyes, I realized that these were the same words that people had used to describe my clients in the past. How could something so beautiful be called these horrible names? Why would someone do this? If only we could see through the eyes of my clients - without any judgement - the world would be a much kinder place.

It is an honor to share with you something CRACKED, IMPAIRED, BROKEN, DAMAGED, CRAZED, FRACTURED, IMPERFECT, RUINED AND DEFECTIVE and absolutely BEAUTIFUL. It is my prayer that someday everyone will see the beauty in each other flaws.

Thank you for wearing and sharing our story.